LibreSSL on funtoo

Recently, I decided to switch to LibreSSL from the default of OpenSSL on my funtoo installation. For the most part everything works. Following the gentoo documentation on the subject, I now have a funtoo system which has everything compiled against LibreSSL.

Here is what I did to get things running. This is modified from the instructions at the above link.

root# echo 'USE="${USE} libressl"' >> /etc/portage/make.conf

We need to get the files to build LibreSSL before we uninstall OpenSSL:

root# emerge --fetchonly libressl

We should also backup OpenSSL just in case:

root# quickpkg openssl

Now we will uninstall OpenSSL and merge LibreSSL: (It’s best to use ‘&&’ as opposed to ‘;’ here because we want to run the next command only if the preceding one is successful)

root# emerge --unmerge openssl && \
emerge --oneshot libressl

Then we can rebuild openssh and wget:

root# emerge --oneshot openssh && \
emerge --oneshot wget

Next, we should rebuild python and iputils:

The defaults for funtoo are dev-lang/python:{2.7,3.4} as of this writing, so change this to reflect your installed versions.

root# emerge --oneshot dev-lang/python:{2.7,3.{4,5}} && \
emerge --oneshot iputils

Finally, we can rebuild our existing preserved libraries and update the system to reflect the changed libressl USE flag.

root# emerge --ask --verbose @preserved-rebuild && \ 
emerge --sync && \
emerge --update --deep --newuse --verbose --ask @world --with-bdeps=y