Solving unconventional problems is something I enjoy immensely.

I have been using GNU/Linux as my primary OS since 2008. I enjoy the challenges and the freedom of being able to hack my software and look under the hood. Using free software encourages the tinkering, flexibility, customization, and understanding of processes woefully absent from, and discouraged by, the use of proprietary software.

software I use:

Linux and Unix-like

desktop software

  • i3wm | i3 tiling window manager
  • rxvt-unicode | lightweight terminal emulator
  • tmux | alternative to the venerable GNU Screen
  • pandoc | the world’s most useful markup converter
  • zathura | plugin-based minimal document viewer
  • pass | the standard unix password manager
  • Vim | “the ubiquitious text editor”
  • HUGO | really fast static site generator used for this website

security / privacy

services I pay for:

organizations I support:

I am fascinated by how our underlying infrastructure shapes civic institutions and interactions. I believe that democratic, participatory, and inclusive institutions are best served by infrastructure, whether social or technical, that is also created through contributory, democratic methods. To this end, I firmly support the advocacy for and adoption of free software, as interaction with various technologies is increasingly fundamental to our daily lives.